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Level 1 designed for dancers with only a little WCS experience (or dance experience in another genre but no prior WCS experience) You likely are familiar with the basic WCS patterns but feel like you would like to build a stronger foundation of skills and gain comfort with the basic patterns. (Newcomer/Novice)

Level 2 is intended for dancers who have solid WCS experience but are still working on comfort, consistency, and creativity.  You are very comfortable leading and following patterns and want to work on being a better partner – better connection, more styling and musicality etc.  Seeking new ideas and inspiration to take to the dance floor.  You should be pretty comfortable and familiar with basic 6 and 8 count patterns in this level, and looking for guidance on how to get to the next level in your dancing.  (Novice + / Intermediate)

Level 3 is for dancers who have broken out of (or are ready to break out of) focusing on patterns as a basis for the dance.  You want conversations about stretch and compression, about making your one the best it can be, about subtle nuances in connection, you seek technique and understanding on a deeper level than just patterns and styling.   You should have rock solid fundamentals and need challenges in speed, precision, and dynamics, partnering, along with new concepts and ideas to challenge you. (Intermediate + / Advanced)

Level 4 is where you will work on pushing the boundaries of WCS, which often means going right back to the basics!  Advanced and highly technical partnering skills are required in this level of class and we expect participants to have been studying this dance for a number of years, and likely competing at Advanced or All-Star level, possibly teaching in your communities, and likely having an understanding of both roles. (Advanced / All-Star)