The John Festa Experience 

One weekend, two incredible learning opportunities

$35 per workshop, or both for $60.

Saturday - Connecting for success

In this 2-hour session, John will focus on one of the most mysterious elements of WCS... "What is connection?"

Using exercises, drills, and choreography, John will expertly explain how connections and frame work together, and how to improve your connection so that people love to dance with you.

Sunday - Becoming the most popular partner on the dance floor 

In this 2-hour session on Sunday, John will refer back to the concepts learned on Saturday and give you patterns and moves that work from great connection to make you and your partner look and feel super connected and in-sync on the dance floor.  Great for social dancing, and great for competition success!

*participation in the Saturday class recommended, but not required

Individual session, $35, or buy both for $60.

These additional classes are only available to Swing Over Orlando pass holders. 

video via Swingle Bell Rock 2018