Myles & Tessa

Swing Literacy Intensive 

There is a better way…to teach and learn West Coast Swing

The Swing Literacy Development Method is a new paradigm for learning and teaching dance: the SLDM teaches how to build the functional dance skills that precede the steps, regardless of your chosen style.

Dancers: Learn WCS better, faster, easier, deeper by learning how to learn how to dance. Build or renovate your foundation to achieve breakthroughs in progress.

Teachers: Develop and upgrade your methods and programs by enrolling in this comprehensive program of study that prioritizes pedagogy over patterns.

Professional Development: Take a professional approach to teaching by continuing your education and auditing/upgrading your skills and methods.

Further information on the three-hour intensive program can be found at Myles’ and Tessa’s website.  Space is limited.  To Register:

SLDM Teachers Certification

This is optional and additional to the Swing Literacy Development Method classes described above.  The live component of the SLDM Teachers Certification is only accessible to those who have completed the online Theory Module for Teachers. At RCS, Myles and Tessa will be running a Teachers’ Lab that will be partially integrated into the Intensive, and include a followup private session, for a total of 4 hours.

For more information:

Dancers 3-hour intensive - $100 USD

SLDM Teachers Lab - $140 USD

Myles and Tessa are advocates for and actively pursue professional development, believing that technicians such as teachers have a responsibility to their students to upgrade their skills. They are avid contributors to the dance community, and applaud all efforts to expose and expand the Arts. They promote education on the history of Swing and the progression of West Coast Swing, because you have to know where you came from in order to know where you’re going. As crossover dancers, they are an extremely rare breed: finding residence in all three social dance communities of Salsa, Lindy Hop and West Coast Swing.