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Special Intensive with Gregory Scott & Lemery Rollins

More details coming soon...

Masters Intensive with Tommy Gibbs & Renee Erman Lipman

This intensive is INCLUDED with your weekend pass, thanks to the generosity of Tommy and Renee, who have a passion for supporting Masters dancers.

The purpose of this Intensive is to give Masters (50 and older) dancers a series of workshops that are specifically tailored to their abilities and needs.  The aim is to make social and competitive dancing that much more enjoyable.

Tommy and Renee have had a unique journey in this dance having started as Masters dancers and then progressing through the levelled system. As two-time Masters Tour Champions, they are an ideal teaching couple since they understand where the Masters dancers are both mentally and physically.

This Intensive will cover:

  • The Magical Connection
  • Social Patterns You Have to Master
  • The Mystery of Musicality Solved

Rising Star / All-Star Specialty Workshop with Phil & Flore Berne

More details coming soon...