August 29 - September 2, 2019


Four days of fun in the sun at one of the most luxurious event hotels on the WSDC circuit.  Four pools plus a surfing pool, golf course, private beach and beach club, and enormous spa on site.  End the summer in style.

Competitions Offered

WSDC Jack & Jill

  • Newcomer
  • Novice
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • All Star
  • Masters Open
  • Professional (Non-WSDC)

Routine Divisions

  • Pro-Am Spotlight
  • Rising Star

Pro - Am Jack & Jill 


Strictly Swing 

  • Newcomer/Novice
  • Open
  • Open Masters
  • Professional

Pro - Am Strictly 

Newcomer/Novice, Open    Masters

Swing 16

Petition available in advance.  Please use if you are a Junior wishing to dance in levelled competition, or an adult wishing to dance in a level which does not match your current WSDC points. Please submit completed (found on the WSDC website) form to RCS@FloridaDanceEvents.com for review.

UNTIL JULY 31, 2019

VIP Weekend Pass
(includes table seat) - $160 $170

Weekend Pass - $140 $150

International Weekend Pass - $125 $135

All-Star Champ Weekend Pass - $25 $50

Junior Weekend Pass - $40 $70

Student Weekend Pass - $120 $140

Table seat upgrade on any pass - $20
Day passes, evening passes and spectator passes also available.  Click the button below for pricing information.

2019 Staff

Philippe & Flore Berne
Gregory Scott & Lemery Rollins
Jason Miklic & Sabrina Paxman Stewart
Helen Chao & Lia Brown
Derek Leyva & Jennifer Norris
Nicole Zwerlein & Jason Abner
Stephen Weltz & Lisa Picard
Simon Girard & Isabelle Roy
James Cook & Molly King
Edem Attikase & Jes Ann Nail
Lucky Sipin & Maelys Fillon
Dylan Bushe & Dani Mullin Darasz
Richard & Susan DeFelice
David & Kathryn Moody
Pam & Brian Bennett
Dawn Sgarlata
Chelsea Crout

Chief Judge
Demery Leyva

Invited Judges

Robert Cordoba
Dawn Garrish
Debbie Ramsey Boz
Gary Jobst
Tommy Gibbs
Victor Loveira
Alan Annicella
Renee Lipman
Clare Levy
Victor Loveira
Josh Angel
Allysa Rees
Jes Ann Nail
Bruce Warren

2019 is our 10-year anniversary, and this year we are making some changes with an eye on the *future* of West Coast Swing. We are bringing an even larger staff of predominantly All-Star dancers to teach and perform.

Why? Because going forward, we want River City Swing to be the place that up-and-coming professionals can bring their skills and talents and showcase their abilities.

What does this mean for you? With a bigger staff we have more teachers available to you as well as more high-level dance partners, and of course, so many inspiring performances. It means experiencing the newer teachers and performers first as they rise up through the circuit to become the Champions of the future! It means… “I knew them when….”

We will still have our high level and legend staff available for you, check out our special 2019 intensives and specialty workshop (details on those coming very soon)! Thank you for taking this journey with us and we look forward to sharing a future-forward vision with you.

Thank you to our 2018 Sponsors

David & Kim Barnette of David Barnette Insurance
Roberta Pearlstein
Dean & Debbie Maheras
Buz & Deb Mccreary

Steve Sagrave - Banana sponsor

Hotel Details 

Sawgrass Marriott Hotel & Spa offers 4 outdoor pools and a spa with a 24-hour fitness center.

$149 USD per night

FREE shuttle to Sawgrass Village and Private Beach.  Starbucks on site.

$10/day per room for parking and wifi OR $25/day per room Resort Fee Bundle which includes:

  • Beach access (and shuttle)
  • Fitness center access
  • Wifi
  • Phone calls
  • Parking

Dance With A Pro

Asking a Pro to dance can be incredibly intimidating for some people.  And for our staff, coming out to social dance can be a big physical commitment, they often don't get a second to stop or breathe!

So at all SS Production events, we have set "Pro-Ticket Dance" slots in the schedule (early evening and later at night) and we give a FREE ticket to all weekend pass holders.   This means that you are free, and encouraged to ask any Pro to dance during these times - they will have flashing lights on to identify themselves as available - without fear of rejection or inconvenience to them.  The Pros are compensated by us for each ticket they collect, and you are able to purchase more tickets for just $3 if you want more dances with your favorite Pros.  It's a WIN-WIN.

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If you are interested in becoming a 2019 sponsor, please email RCS@floridadanceevents.com with #RCS2019 in the subject line.

Interested In Volunteering?

Please email us at RCS@floridadanceevents.com with #RCS2019Volunteer in the subject line