Stephen & Sonya Intensive

We're going to cover performance based tricks and tips that up the level of both your social and competitive game!

For $99.00, you get three hours of non-stop fun and education designed to give you immediate and accessible information to add some pizzazz for memorable social dances, and to make sure the judges don't forget you.

This is appropriate for all skill levels, sans -complete- beginners. The only thing you need to have is an understanding of your basics!

To be eligible for this Intensive you must also purchase a full weekend pass! https://www.worlddanceregistry.com/secure/registration.aspx?euid=11aeffcd-4b22-4e0a-b8c5-daf2dd8d633a&ac=rfe

Email info@floridawestiefest.com to book the intensive after you register.